Chloe Ting Shares a Morning Workout That Keeps Her Fit

Image via chloe_t/Instagram

Chloe Ting’s name has become synonymous with the term “fitness influencer” and she has an army of followers patiently awaiting each workout video she shares with the world. Her commitment to staying active is truly admirable and we’re even more impressed by her after learning what her morning workouts look like.

Ting recently took to YouTube to share the workout routine that she does every morning with her 20 million subscribers. The 15-minute workout features a total of 25 exercises that target the full body, with 10-15 seconds of rest in between, divided into three sets.

Ting made a name for herself by creating workouts you can do in the comfort of your home. That also happens to be the case with this routine, which is extremely apartment-friendly because there’s no jumping involved, but she’s encouraging people who try it to not be afraid of making some noise.

“To everyone doing this in their room with a towel as their yoga mat, door locked, trying to not make any noise: don’t be ashamed!! Working out is a good thing!! U r doing an amazing thing for your body, so u have no reason to be embarrassed,” wrote Ting on YouTube.