Chloe Ting Will Rock Your World With Her 2-Week Shred Challenge

Image via chloe_t/Instagram

Chloe Ting is YouTube’s queen of epic workout challenges, and she’s truly pushing boundaries with each one. She dedicated the first week of August to her “Shred Challenge” which can help you take your abs routine to a whole new level in just two weeks.

Ting kicked off her latest challenge by sharing two brand-new videos with her followers. The first one features a 15-minute full-body routine that you can perform with no equipment, while the second mostly consists of abs exercises and can be completed in just 10 minutes.

The fitness influencer shared a full calendar for this fitness challenge on her Instagram, which includes both brand-new workouts and old classics that are already available on her channel. She’ll also share a 10-minute workout that targets upper body and core and a full-body routine that will take 25 minutes of your time.

Two weeks may not feel like enough to get the abs of your dreams, but it’s a step in the right direction. On her official website, Ting explains it’s okay to do this challenge for a whole month if you wish to, as long as you add rest days to the mix and replace some videos from the original program to add more variety to your routine.