Create an At-Home Fitness Retreat

While fitness retreats are closed due to coronavirus, going on a fitness retreat at home is the next best thing as we could all use a break. You can take elements of retreats and get the perks of reduced stress and anxiety while connecting with others and learning new exercises and skills. Here’s how to create your own at-home fitness retreat.


On a fitness retreat, the first event is a workout. There are tons of exercises available for free on YouTube, Zoom, and Instagram. To get a vacation feel, try one in a city you haven’t been to before. There are sessions that include how to make healthy breakfasts that cook while you complete your workout.

Late Morning

Retreats usually have time alone or activities, so try an activity you’ve been wanting to give a go, but haven’t had the time to for. This can include journaling, practicing piano, painting, or cooking.

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Some retreats have guest speakers and you can watch a TED talk, participate in an online course, or watch a tutorial about a topic you find interesting.

Late Afternoon

It’s time for your next workout! Try doing one high-intensity workout and one low-intensity one, so you don’t overdo it. Try and do it with your friends at the same time and have a happy hour or Houseparty after to celebrate.

Early Evening

Set a bath going with homemade bath salts, candles, and relaxing music. When you’re done, go ahead and paint your nails or use a face mask.

Before Bed

End your day with a meditation practice or by writing down three things you’re grateful for and reflecting on them.