Does Having More Muscles Increase Your Metabolism?

It’s often believed that having more muscles increases your metabolism, basically allowing you to eat more food without gaining weight. However, this is not entirely true.

While a lot of people believe that having more muscles will increase their basal metabolism – the rate at which their body burns calories when idle – it’s actually a marginal increase that doesn’t really matter in practice.

There’s good news, though: the process of gaining muscles is much more beneficial for your health and your look. As you train, you burn calories, right? Here’s the point: gaining muscles will make you stronger, which will make you able to do more work and that’s what will burn you more calories!

We don’t want you to get discouraged and stop training because what you thought about muscles increasing your metabolism isn’t true. While the math doesn’t quite add up, there are still plenty of benefits from working out that your body can reap. Plus, as you get stronger, you’ll be able to burn more and more calories with each of your workouts, so it definitely pays out to be persistent!