Easiest Aerobic Exercises for Begginers

Photo by Tomasz Woźniak on Unsplash

If you are a workout enthusiast who is interested in cardio, you should try out the best aerobic exercises. They are easy to master and benefit you in so many ways.


This form of exercise is the most natural and easiest to do. Kids, pregnant women and everyone else can get do it. Walking provides oxygen to body cells and reduces stress. However, it needs to be more intense to be more effective. Try walking up a hill, strap weights or use dumbbells to increase heart rate.


Cycling isn’t just for kids; it is an excellent way to gain a fitter body without the joint aches that come with exercising. Cycling for thirty minutes every day strengthens the leg muscles and makes you more flexible. To make it more effective, bike up the hill. Don’t rush this process.


This low impact aerobic exercise doesn’t always require gym equipment; you can do it at home with your stairs. If you can’t go to the gym, so it at home by walking up your staircase daily for a few minutes. It is also an excellent warm-up exercise for high impact workout.

Water Aerobics

This exercise involves walking in the pool. The water offers resistance and strains the lower limbs. If you lack proper circulation of blood, this exercise is ideal