Embrace The ‘Two Week’ Trial Structure

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

There are many different ways to embark on a fitness campaign, and some of them are better than others. The problem is, you don’t always know which way is best for you specifically. That’s why it’s recommended to try different workout routines out before making a long commitment. The question is, what’s the “magic number” of days before you should decide what to do? Here’s why we believe that two weeks is the perfect length.

A Solid Sample Size

When you start a particular workout, it’s rare that you’ll see real results within a day or two. Heck, even a week might be stretching things a bit. What you really want is a little bit bigger of a sample size, and two weeks is when you should start seeing a fraction of a change.

Not Too Long

Another reason that two weeks is the perfect amount of time for a sample size is because it’s also not too long. One might think that a month, or even two months, would be a better amount of time to try something out, but the problem there is that you might burn out before even getting to that point. That’s why two weeks is the perfect balance between making sure you’ll see a difference, and also not being too long that you’ll burn out.