Fitness Influencer Emily Skye Keeps it Real About Bloating

Bloating is one of those issues everyone faces, no matter how committed they are to their fitness routine. Fitness influencer Emily Skye is no different, and she doesn’t feel the need to hide it from the world.

Skye managed to attract 2.6 million followers over the years, and one of the things they love about her the most is the fact she’s not constantly trying to paint a perfect picture of her life. She’s extremely open about all the changes her body is going through and ready to embrace each one.

That’s why the famous fitness influencer didn’t catch us by surprise when she shared a candid photo of her bloated belly, taken only a few days after her body was in perfect shape.

“Don’t stress about the occasional bloat – it is totally normal so try not to beat yourself up about it as most of us get bloated from time to time! It can be hard sometimes (believe me I know) but try to love yourself through the good and the bad,” wrote Emily Skye on Instagram, but she reminded her followers it’s important to visit a specialist if they’re dealing with excessive bloating on regular basis.