Exercises For Strengthening Your Back

The back is a crucial structure of our anatomies. Almost every movement the body makes engages it. Without a strong back, you can’t support your weight, and exercising becomes much harder. Here are five exercises that will help strengthen your back and boost your overall fitness levels.

Cardio Warmup

Start with a soft cardio warm-up to get your blood pumping and to get your muscles moving. This makes the exercises easier and it helps prevent injury.

Resistance Band Pull Apart

A good way to start your workout is to take a resistance band, extend your arms out in front, and pull them apart 15 to 20 times. This gets your back moving without applying too much pressure.

Hyperextension Stretches

Now that your back is nicely warmed up, the next thing to do is to start stretching. A good way to do this is to kneel on all fours and gently lower your stomach to the floor as you raise your head. You should feel the middle of your back stretching.

Lat Pulldown

Take your resistance band again and this time pull from above your head down to your waist. This uses your lats, biceps and forearms.


Finally, the classic pull-up is a wonderful way to strengthen those back muscles. As your arms pull you up, your back tenses and stretches, making it stronger and more flexible.