Fans of “The Office” Have to Try This Epic Workout From EmkFit

Image via emkfit/Instagram

Workout videos themed around our favorite movies and TV shows are not a novelty in the fitness world, but we never thought we’d get to see one inspired by The Office. Emily Thorne of EmkFit decided to incorporate the iconic sitcom in one of her workouts, and the result is truly Dundy-worthy!

Thorne is a certified trainer from Toronto, Ontario, but she also happens to be a former actor and a self-proclaimed theatre nerd. Her background significantly impacted her approach to fitness, and many of her workouts are inspired by her favorite musicals and Disney classics.

Thorne is also committed to creating workouts that are fun, offbeat, and beginner-friendly. Her The Office workout perfectly fits that description, and she even included an intro that shows her recreating the show’s opening theme in her own style.

Like most of her workouts, this one falls under the category of dance cardio, and it will help you burn some major calories in under 25 minutes. Despite its high intensity, this workout is extremely beginner-friendly, and Thorne will walk you through the moves before each song.

As with all of Thorne’s workouts, this one is packed with amazing songs. She picked some of the best tracks from The Office that will transport you straight to Dunder Mifflin, from “We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel to “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police.