Fitness Affirmations to Try This Week

Fitness Affirmations to Try This Week
Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

Affirmations are statements that you say to yourself, either in writing or out loud, that are used to help you practice self-love, overcome negative thoughts, and be more positive. The more you repeat them, the more effective they are. It might seem silly at first, but saying affirmations on a daily basis can make you start to really believe what you are saying and manifest the things you want into your life.

If you’re interested in benefitting from the power of affirmations, here are some fitness, health, and wellness-related affirmations that you can try out this week. Don’t be shy; they can really help you!


  • I am getting stronger every day
  • I can push through anything
  • I am focused and motivated
  • I am healthy and happy
  • I care for my body and it cares for me
  • I love and appreciate my body
  • It is easy for me to take good care of myself
  • I am calm, happy, and peaceful
  • I have all of the energy I need
  • My body finds balance
  • I can reach my fitness goals
  • My body heals itself and restores its energy
  • I am in tune with my body
  • I love how I feel after I exercise