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If you need some good inspiration for losing weight and eating healthier that’s not all super crazy, unattainable, unsustainable transformations or ridiculous tips, you need to follow Cory L. Rodriguez.

Cory calls himself the functional medicine practitioner. He shows simple swaps through easily digestible (no pun intended) graphics and photos.

And it’s not only food tips, but also lifestyle tips revolving around food. For example, this one about eating out:

He doesn’t tell you to cut out your favorite desserts, either. Instead, he gives you suggestions about foods with higher quality ingredients. So yes, you can have your fill of chocolate!

He gives tips on how to minimize other toxins in your body as well, as demonstrated with these photos that contain the cleanest and dirtiest fruits and veggies.

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🍓 THE DIRTY DOZEN AND CLEAN FIFTEEN AVOCADO 🥑 – The Environmental Working group put out their 2018 list of the most heavily sprayed fruits and veggies with pesticides and herbicides. – Almost 70% of non-organic samples tested positive for at least one pesticide, many are banned in other countries but not the US. – This would be great for anyone trying to save money, because you can focus on buying the dirty dozen organic, while buying the clean fifteen conventional. Although if you can still afford to buy organic everything, that would be ideal. – These chemical compounds used on our fruits and veggies have been linked to health issues all across the board. It goes back to what I mention in my stories, it’s not the 1, 2 or 10 times you do something or eat something. It’s the 5, 10 and 20 years of doing so down the line. – Now I couldn’t hold the full list 😂, so here it is! – Dirty Dozen 1. Strawberries 🍓 2. Spinach 🥗 3. Nectarines 🍊 4. Apples 🍎 5. Peaches 🍑 6. Pears 🍐 7. Cherries 🍒 8. Grapes 🍇 9. Celery 10. Tomatoes 🍅 11. Sweet Bell Peppers 🌶 12. Potatoes 🥔 – Clean 15 1. Avocados 🥑 2. Sweet Corn 🌽 3. Pineapples 🍍 4. Cabbage 5. Onions 6. Frozen Sweet Peas 7. Papayas 8. Asparagus 9. Mangos 10. Eggplant 🍆 11. Honeydew 🍈 12. Kiwi 🥝 13. Cantaloupe 🍈 14. Cauliflower 15. Broccoli 🥦 – Even though it is on the clean 15 list, corn is something I urge you to always buy organic. – If you would like to work 1 on 1 with and get a custom meal and health plan tailored to your needs, shoot me an email 📲 – #organicfood #organicfoods #fruitsandveggies #vegetables #cleanfood #produce #foodshopping

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He is positive, entertaining, and his videos make him feel like our friend. We definitely suggest checking out his profile and getting motivated!