Fun Activities to Do at the Beach

Beach volleyball
Photo by Steven Abraham on Unsplash

Going to the ocean, whether via beach or port, is always a special experience. The water is beautiful and may provide adventure or peace depending on the day. There are also lots of fun activities to do that will help you stay in shape as a bonus! Here are three fun activities to take with you or play on your next beach trip.


Frisbee is a great beach activity. It involves running, throwing, and hand-eye coordination—so it’s secretly great for some physical activity too. Throwing the frisbee around in shallow water adds an element of resistance to your running and may require some swimming as well. Even playing out on the beach is a lovely way to enjoy the ocean breeze, sun, and sand.

Beach Volleyball

Many beaches have volleyball. If you bring some friends and a volleyball, you’ll be able to have a great time out on the beach which also will get you winded and give you some cardio and arm strengthening. Don’t forget the sunscreen?

Ping Pong

A classic beach activity involves standing right in the lapping waves and hitting a ping pong ball back and forth with paddles. Again, this is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination and your leg muscles through moving over sand and water.