Fun Winter Activities to Keep You Strong

Photo by Perfect Snacks on Unsplash

Getting to the gym in the dead of the winter can be really hard—your motivation is probably dwindling, warm-ups take longer as your bones are cold, and the idea of showering after leaves you shivering. But now it’s all about the snow and finding ways to keep warm. It’s still important to have fun. Of course, winter means skiing, but there are other activities you can do in the cold or snow to keep you strong and fit.

Ice Skating

This is no longer a kid’s activity, it is a great glute and core workout and gets your heart rate up quickly, keeping you warm on the ice. All you need is an ice rink near you, some rented ice skates and off you go. Find someone to teach you some tricks.


Snowboarding is the best winter sport for your legs and abs, you can burn up to 500 calories an hour on the snow. Your obliques will be on fire every time you shift positions.


Just because it is cold and snowy does not mean you have to give up on your outdoor runs. The sportswear giants have amazing clothes to keep you warm when you are running outside. Think of long-sleeved thermal wear, insulated jackets, and warm leggings. There are even running shoes with spikes to help you to run in the snowy terrain.