“Get Kids Moving” Will Make Your Children Fall in Love with Fitness

Screenshot via GET KIDS MOVING/YouTube

If you’re looking for a way to teach your kids the importance of fitness and looking for exercises that they’ll actually enjoy, the YouTube channel called Get Kids Moving is just the thing you need. It’s filled with amazing pop-culture-themed workouts for the little ones in your life.

Created by London-based personal trainer and health coach Glenn Higgins, this YouTube channel is true refreshment for all the parents whose kids don’t enjoy physical activity. His main goal is to “put the fun back into fitness and help engage [the kids] like never before.”

Convincing kids to do traditional workouts may seem like an impossible mission, but Higgins makes it look easy. All of his workouts are inspired by beloved fantasy and sci-fi movies and TV shows, and they make it possible for kids to train with their favorite superheroes, wizards, and Jedis.

Higgins is dressed as beloved fictional characters in all the videos, and the futuristic setups and special effects make them even more fun. It takes 20 minutes to go through most of them, but some are much shorter, making sure that the kids won’t get bored before the video is over.