Hatha Yoga Will Be Your Next Obsession

There are so many different types of yoga that it’s getting really difficult to keep up. Every single person can find one that best fits their needs. Hatha yoga is one of the oldest forms that has been around for thousands of years. The main meaning of hatha is ‘force,’ but a single word is definitely not enough to describe it.

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Happy hump day everyone! Day 1: #autumnyogivibes and we kick start with seated hear opener. I’m going with my favorite seated lotus with a gentle shoulder + heart opener. Today we talk a little about gratefulness. I first learnt about attitude for gratitude when I started self hypnosis and sleep meditations to treat insomnia( which is still on coz it’s 12 am to be exact🙄). But to be honest, I’m so happy to be awake at this hour rather than the anxiety I used to feel forcing myself to sleep. I’m really grateful for all these unlimited, professional and free resources available on YouTube that really help ease a lot is stress and aid relaxation. I know that this free content costs a lot here but I would definitely recommend my personal favorite Dauchsy meditation on YouTube and his gratitude sleep hypnosis sessions. 21 days to a grateful heart I say to everyone I send this meditation and I’ve heard some amazing reviews . Off to bed now. I love you all!❤️ . . TO JOIN US: 1️⃣ Follow all hosts and Sponsors. Your hosts: 🍁Khushi @stardivakhushi 🍁Pallvi @twistedgalpal 🍁Kathie @kathie_yogi Generous sponsors: 🍂🎁@onzie 🍂🎁@rollgahealth 🍂🎁@sacredgoddessnyc . . #dothework #yogaaddicted #getflexy #yogahappy #yogapracticenotyogaperfect #yogaworld #fitandhealthy #getonyourmat #letsdoyoga #mypractice #yogainstructor #yogis #yogastudent #yogaathome #dailyyoga #asanapractice #asanas #yogaday #hathayoga #yogaforever #challengethyyoga #freeyoga #love #onzie #onziegear

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What is Hatha Yoga?

This is a yoga type that uses meditation, breathing techniques, and static yoga poses. It’s recommended for beginners, but it also requires a lot of physical involvement. The poses can often be challenging, but with the right guidance, you’ll be able to advance.

What are the Benefits?

  1. Stress Relief: Just like any other yoga branch, this one is also helpful in relieving stress. This is something that is proven with multiple studies and it can become a great way for you to deal with stress and anxiety.
  2. Improved Sleep: Everyday life can easily affect the quality of sleep that you get. With hatha yoga, you’ll be much more relaxed, calm and you’ll have a great night’s sleep.
  3. Core Strenght: This yoga uses static poses that activate the core. You’ll become stronger and notice it shortly after the first few months.