Here’s Why “Losing Quarantine Weight” is a Fitness Resolution You Can Do Without

Photo by Eduardo Flores on Unsplash

2021 is finally here and many people are busy composing their lists of fitness resolutions. “Losing quarantine weight” is probably one of the most common resolutions right now, but here’s a couple of reasons why you should replace it with healthier goals.

Difficult Times

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, and it will take some time to process the toll it took on our mental and physical health. You shouldn’t blame yourself for gaining weight in quarantine because your movements were limited and you were dealing with the immense amount of pressure the best way you knew how.

Better Goals

Losing weight is a wasted goal in general since you could be focusing on so many better things instead. Finding a fun fitness program that makes you happy will do more good for your mind, body, and soul than constantly checking the numbers on your scale.

Healthy Diet

Keep in mind that your fitness resolutions should be interconnected with the changes in your diet. Take baby steps towards eating healthier and try to discover better alternatives to the unhealthy foods in your life instead of trying to make drastic changes.