Here’s Why Mushrooms Are Good for You

Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

Mushrooms are delicious and full of health benefits for anyone who consumes them. Most people eat them with savory dishes, but they can also be added to coffee, smoothies, and even juices. Although they’re known to be good for your health, not many people know exactly why. If that’s you, let’s discuss the various health benefits of mushrooms!

Packed With Nutrients

Mushrooms are popular because of their versatility and the plenty of nutrients they contain. They are a great source of B vitamins, potassium, and some kinds contain vitamin D, which is amazing for the immune system.

These benefits apply to all kinds of mushrooms in general, but there are different types that come with unique advantages. Shiitake mushrooms are a great source of copper while cremini mushrooms provide plenty of selenium. If you need more vitamin D in your diet, maitake mushrooms are your best choice.

An Optimal Addition

Mushrooms alone aren’t enough to provide you with everything your body needs, but they are a great addition to a balanced, healthy diet. You can’t expect the results immediately, but in the long run, adding mushrooms to your diet really pays off. Find your favorite kinds and experiment with different recipes!