Here’s Why You Should Give Outdoor Workouts a Try

There’s something wonderful about exercising while immersed in nature. In addition to enjoying the chirping of the birds, the feeling of the sand on your toes, and the cold-air from the forest trees, an outdoor workout can have many physical and mental health benefits. Here’s how an outdoor workout can boost your mind and body.

The Perks of Nature

By taking your workout outside, you’re increasing your burn. When you train in the sand, there’s less impact and more calorie burn than on solid ground. For runners, running on flat terrain requires more muscle than a treadmill, and to match outdoor running, you have to at least put the treadmill at a 0.5 incline.

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It’s More Enjoyable

While running on a treadmill, time seems to go by so slowly and it can be more physically and mentally draining than running outside. Time goes by so much quicker while you’re running outside because you aren’t staying in the same spot for a long period of time and you can enjoy nature and the beautiful views.

Mental Boost

The combination of exercise and exposure to nature offers a mental boost and it helps relieve stress. Try working out outside somewhere that’s relaxing and scenic.

Helps You Exercise Longer

Being active outdoors reduces the perceived effort you’re putting into your workout, which means you can work out at a more intense level and longer without even noticing it.