High-Protein Meals That Will Keep You Full

Photo by CA Creative on Unsplash

Protein is essential to your diet, especially as you look to build muscle and stay healthy. Still, overeating is another issue that you’ll want to avoid, making for a fine line between eating well and eating too much. Here are some high-protein meals that will be sure to satisfy your appetite so that you don’t push the limits of your diet.

Tuna Burger

For this meal, you’ll want to get a juicy piece of firm, seared tuna to use as your patty. Add some creamy mayo, avocado, and your favorite garnishing to make a crunchy, scrumptious yet healthy burger.

Sweet Chili Salmon

Giving you both protein and those omega 3s, all you have to do to whip up this tasty dish is buy a delicious piece of salmon and baste it in sweet chili sauce before baking it in the oven. Add some couscous or rice as a side dish.

Garlic Shrimp With Quinoa

Consisting of shrimp, lemon, spices, and of course garlic, this is an easy dish to make, with everything going in a single pan. What’s more, it takes just a few minutes to prepare.