How Does Coffee Factor Into Your Workout Life?

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

When it comes to working out, there are countless products that people recommend to optimize your performance. These are things such as vitamin water, regular water, protein shakes, and protein powders—you get the picture. One thing you don’t often hear about is coffee, and for good reason. It’s hardly designed to optimize workout performance. And yet… most people drink it on a daily basis—so how does it affect your workout life?

On the Surface

When looking at things on the surface, the coffee you drink day in and day out probably isn’t helping your workout life. After all, coffee is somewhat of a drug, and it wires you in such a way that’s not conducive for a healthy exercise routine.

In a Practical Sense

However, from a practical standpoint, coffee can actually surprisingly—dare we say it—be helpful in certain times, even in regards to working out. On those days when you’re supposed to start a jog but you just can’t find the inspiration to do it—a swig of espresso might actually help.

Go ahead, do it, we won’t tell anyone. Sometimes, even if the coffee isn’t objectively good for you, perhaps it’s exactly what you need in that moment to maintain your workout regimen. And ultimately, isn’t that consistency what you want?