How HIIT Workouts Can Improve Your Mental Wellbeing

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While it’s already widely known that exercise can boost your mood, fast and intense HIIT workouts have a particularly positive effect on your mental wellbeing. Here’s why.

It’s All In The Research

According to research at the University of South Australia, quick, intense workouts in short bursts are shown to reduce symptoms of stress. This actually suggests that intense workouts are actually more effective at doing so than more leisurely exercises such as jogging and yoga.

Turn Up The Music

While analyzing the exercise of a group of men, the study determined that an intense workout wasn’t the only way to improve one’s mood. Working out to mid-to fast-paced music can also greatly improve performance and uplift your mental well-being, while helping you ignore your exhaustion.

Don’t Forget The Coffee

According to research, caffeine is able to improve your readiness to work out and ultimately get you in the mindset to hit the gym. Grab a cup of coffee or a shake or supplement to get in the right space of mind.