How Much Time Should Gym Sessions Take?

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

How long should each training gym-session last? This is a big question with so many answers. This is because the training intensity, the event that prompts the training and other factors must be considered. However, there are some general rules that may apply to everyone.

Aerobic sessions – 1 hour

Cardio sessions can be stressful if you continue working out after one hour. You will also not be able to build muscle properly. This could affect you negatively. If you want to go on for a longer period, note the level of intensity to avoid stressing the body too much.

Strength training – half an hour to 1 hour

This exercise has no laid down rules when it comes to how long you should train. However, you can work with this time limit. What matters is being able to do an exercise that fits your lifestyle and also helps you achieve your goal. Basically, one you can practice for a long time and enjoy.

HIIT – ten minutes

High-intensity interval training is known for its quick results. It produces more results in less time when compared to conventional cardio. When you practice this training type, you should consider the effects on your body and the time needed to recover. Be sure to get enough rest.