How to Build Your Arms in Less Than 5 Minutes

Working out
Photo by Andrea Boncota on Unsplash

If you’re looking to build muscle, then developing large, toned arms is essential. Still, you don’t need to do lengthy, gruelling workouts in order to achieve optimal results. Here are some workout tips to help you build your arms noticeably in five minutes or less.

Shorter Rest Periods

Rather than overexerting yourself with large weights which make you require longer rest breaks, consider using manageable weights so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible between sets. What’s more, less rest will help you to boost your endurance.

Don’t Forget Your Forearms

One thing that will make your arms look larger is bigger forearms to go with your biceps and triceps. By doing some simple forearm exercises, you’ll be able to complement the rest of your arm muscles for a more holistic development. One easy way to exercise your forearms is by simply gripping your dumbbells tighter when you use them, thereby engaging these muscles.

Complementary Exercises

Switch between exercises that target different groups. By doing two exercises training the same muscle group in a row, you’ll fatigue much quicker. Make sure to rotate muscle groups to ensure that you can keep exercising with minimal rest in a brief time period.