How to Develop Biceps Muscles without Going to the Gym

Image by Scott Webb/Stocksnap

Gym is a fantastic place that injects a vibe of fitness motivation in every person that visits it. However, not all individuals are interested or able to go to the gym. Some may avoid it because of expenditure while others may love to exercise at home. Fortunately, most of the muscles can be exercises easily at home, without the need of going to gym and this includes biceps as well. Yes! You can develop strong biceps at home. Here are some tips to follow:

Start with pushups

Pushups can be performed easily at home — on a terrace or in your room. These exercises focus mainly on your chest and biceps muscles, and hence are a good way to keep biceps tough and growing. One can select different types of pushups like one leg pushups, bench pushups, one hand push-ups etc.

Lift weight wherever possible

Lifting weights like grocery bags, suitcases or simply bricks at home can help to gain bicep muscle strength. For better results, make a routine of lifting weights regularly.

Chin ups

It is quite easy to find a spot at home where you can hang while doing chin ups. Do these regularly to develop good biceps and triceps.