How to Get Back on the Fitness Track After Taking a Workout Break

Woman doing yoga
Photo by Dane Wetton on Unsplash

As much as we like to plan life, it often throws curveballs our way that veer us off track. It can be incredibly hard to find that rhythm again, and the same goes for getting back on the fitness train after taking a break. Returning to routine need not be intimidating if you follow these steps. 

Go Easy on Yourself

Regardless of how long you’ve been on hiatus, it can be tempting to jump right back into the same routine you were in before. The problem with this is it’s the equivalent of doing a workout without properly warming up. If you put too much pressure on your body too quickly, you run the risk of burnout or injury.

Flexibility and Mobility

The best place to begin is by doing exercises that focus on improving your joint mobility and flexibility as this will increase blood flow and circulation. These workouts will also reduce the risk of injuring yourself, so incorporate a few into your weekly routine. Yoga may be a good idea. 

Keep It Light

If you’d like to integrate some cardio, the key is to keep it light. A 20-minute walk, gentle jog, or bike ride are excellent places to start. A low-impact HIIT workout could also be an option. Just be mindful not to overdo it.