How To Improve Grip Strength (and Why It Matters)

Photo by Victor Freitas/Pexels

Grip strength refers to the power in your hands and forearms to grip and object and hold on. It’s a skill valued by climbers, rowers, and others who use their hands, but developing good grip strength can help anyone who’s interested in weight lifting and gaining strength in the gym. A strong grip will mean better form as you lift, and less likelihood of injuring your hands or wrists. If grip strength is something you’d like to improve, read on for three ways to develop it.

Grip Trainer

You can buy these simple devices from most sports shops, or head to a specialist climbing store if you’re not having any luck in your standard sports stores. The aim of these is very simple, to quickly develop and strengthen your grip strength. Holding the device one handed, slowly squeeze the handles together before slowly releasing. Repeat for as many times as you can before switching hands. If you do this daily, your grip strength will quickly improve.

Rowing Machine

Try going on the rowing machine at least once a week in the gym. This is the perfect piece of equipment to develop strength in your forearms and hands, and even five minutes done at a fast speed can rapidly improve your grip strength.

Try Climbing

If you have an indoor climbing gym in your town, go for a try out session. You will be surprised at how quickly your forearms tire, but this also shows you how much you’re working on that grip strength! Try some gentle stretching exercises after your climbing session to condition the muscles and tendons.