How to Optimize Your Rest Day

Photo by Jeffrey Grospe on Unsplash

Rest days need to be treated correctly, but this is easier said than done. After we spent a few days in the gym working out intensely, all we really want now is to spend a day relaxing and “cheating” in the food department. This is quite common, but it’s important not to keep our eyes off the ball when these urges come into play. Here are some tips for how to optimize your rest day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Eat

You might think that you need to starve yourself in order to optimize your rest day, but on the contrary, this will do more harm than good. Allow yourself to eat nutritious foods filled with protein because they’ll help recharge your batteries for the next time you work out.

Walk Around

Just because you’re not engaging in an intense workout doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay active. A great middle-ground is to simply walk around whenever you get the chance. Even if it’s just around the block or to the store, it can help optimize your rest day dramatically.

Take a Bath

A common way to spend your rest day is to soak in a nice hot bath. This is a great way to relax and also rejuvenate your body before you go at it again tomorrow.