How to Stay Hydrated During Winter Workouts

When we think of getting dehydrated during workouts, we typically think of it happening during the summer months, but dehydration is just as common in the winter due to the dryness. Dryness causes cracked lips, dry mouth, and an icy feeling in the lungs. And with these tips, you can say goodbye to winter dryness and stay hydrated.

Rethink Your Gear

Just because you’re not sweating as much in the winter doesn’t mean you won’t get dehydrated as quickly. But, you can actually lose up to a liter of water per hour during a workout. To combat this, start by wearing moisture-wicking fabrics.

Treat Your Skin

In addition to gearing up, make sure you also have lip balm for chapped and cracked lips. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than lips that burn.


While working out in the winter, take frequent water breaks even if you’re not thirsty because you still sweat and lose water. Bring a water bottle with you any time you workout.

Home Gear

After your workout, the side effects of dryness continue, so get a humidifier to bring moisture back into your home.