How to Stay Motivated for Your 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Photo by wee lee on Unsplash

30-day fitness challenges are one of the most popular forms of home workouts, but staying motivated to complete them can be tough. If you’re a fitness newbie trying to start your workout journey with one of these challenges, here’s how you can make it through 30 days and keep on going.

Perfect Timing

Fitness challenges usually don’t require more than 20 minutes a day, but some people still struggle to make time for them. If that’s the case with you, schedule your workouts in advance so you wouldn’t end up skipping days.

No Giving Up

It’s very common for people to give up on their fitness challenge after missing a single day of working out. When this happens to you, simply shuffle your rest days instead of giving up completely, and you’ll easily get back on track.

Just a Start

The whole point of a 30-day fitness challenge is to develop a healthy habit and you shouldn’t give up after reaching your goal. Your challenge will teach you to listen to your body and help you discover the exercises you enjoy, and it should serve as the stepping stone of your fitness journey.