How to Stop Holiday Season from Getting in the Way of Your Fitness Routine

Staying active throughout the holiday season can be pretty tough because it’s impossible to resist all the festive treats and we’re not going out as much because of the cold weather. If you’re feeling like giving up on your fitness routine, use these motivational tricks to keep going.

Planning Ahead

If you’re waiting to find enough free time to work out, chances are you’ll never do it. When your schedule is extremely busy, planning your workouts ahead is sometimes the only option. Even if it’s only 10 or 20 minutes, working out for a short period of time is better than not working out at all.

Doing Fun Workouts

It’s extremely difficult to stay committed to workouts you don’t enjoy. If you’re constantly finding excuses to skip your workouts, consider trying some new activities that you’d enjoy more, such as yoga or dance cardio.

Get Creative

Your main goal this holiday season should be simply staying active and you can do it without doing traditional workouts. Walk whenever possible, put your shopping trips to some good use, do some calorie-burning housework, and turn every activity into a workout.