How to work out with an injury

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Whether you are broken, lost or injured, there is always hope!

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Having an injury during your fitness goal can be disheartening. You might feel de-motivated and might need an urge to search the internet for a workout with a knee wound or an exercise to be done with a hand injury or probably ways to keep working out after a shoulder injury.

While these questions are common, the answers don’t come straight. To simplify the setback, we will tell you some essential exercises that could be done even if you have an injury.

1. For injuries in the back, you can opt for mat Pilates. The abdominal exercise will help you get a total body workout.

2. For upper body injuries, go for cardio and lower body workouts. If you have an injury on hand or elbows, it is best to do lower body workouts with cardio and spin. You can use workout machines instead of loading weight yourself.

3. For lower body injuries, stick to upper body workout. If you have an injury in knees or legs, go for upper body exercises like overhead triceps extensions, shoulder press, incline chest press in a seated position and bicep curls.