Jay Shetty’s Motivational Talks Will Get You Moving

On social media, there’s been an onrush of social media influencers who aim to motivate people to live their best lives. Sometimes living in this digital age can be a tough thing – especially when we’re bombarded with people who live amazing lives online. This, in turn, can give us a sense of “FOMO” or the Fear of Missing Out than hinders us from being happy with where we are.

Luckily, there are motivational people out there whose goals are to motivate their readers and viewers. Jay Shetty is an example of a self-made influencer who hails from the UK. His striking personality and desire to drive growth in the human spirit is a motivational benchmark for all.

Words of Wisdom

Besides posting videos of ways to stay motivated in your life while developing a positive mindset – he also writes inspirational quotes. On his Instagram, he has an assortment of light-hearted messages to keep you feeling uplifted for the rest of the week.

More Self-Love

Jay encourages self-love in everyone and tries to make sure that people achieve their highest potential. His words of wisdom and of self-love will give you the motivation to keep on building your dreams.

Visual Stories

Jay is more of a visual storyteller who likes to share stories through videos. Through the media that he posts – he shows the essence of humankind and how we’re all equal people. No matter our circumstances, he believes that we can always achieve great things.