Jessie J Says She Doesn’t “Want to Go Back” to Her Pre-Baby Body After Giving Birth

Jessie J at
Jessie J at "The Voice Kids UK" TV show in 2019. Photo by James Shaw/Shutterstock (10286337n)

Society often puts pressure on women to get back to their old shape after giving birth, but Jessie J’s priorities lie elsewhere. The singer said she doesn’t want her body to go back, but forward after giving birth to her first child back in May.

The “Price Tag” singer welcomed son Sky Safir Cornish Colman with basketball player Chanan Colman earlier this year, and she’s been very open about every part of her post-partum journey. She opened up about giving birth via C-section in the hope other women who went through the same thing will feel less alone after missing out on giving natural birth.

Jessie J’s latest relatable post saw her addressing her postpartum journey. The singer made it clear she doesn’t intend to break under pressure to “get her old body back” that young mom often faces.

“Couple of people have said to me ‘I bet you can’t wait to get your body back.’ My reply is…’I don’t want to go back. That body is gone. I want my body to go forward. I’m getting my body forward.’ That’s the vibe ladies. Embrace that bowdddddy!” she wrote on Instagram.

Jessie J’s post is an empowering reminder to all the new moms out there to take things at their own pace and celebrate the amazing journey their bodies went through, instead of feeling pressured to quickly lose their baby weight.