Krav Maga is More Than Just Self Defense: Here’s Why You Should Try It

Krav Maga
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

As crime rates around the world continue to rise, it is important to know some variation of self-defense. Krav Maga, originally developed in Israel for combat soldiers, has gained popularity in Korea and the Western World as a feasible form of self-defense. Keep reading to see why you might want to try your fist at Krav Maga, rather than mixed Martial Arts.


Krav Maga accounts for size, as opposed to other forms of defense. While MMA or Jujitsu may also be great, it does not account for the fact that you might end up against someone twice your weight and height. That’s why Krav Maga is fit for people of all sizes, as it teaches essential movements and attacks that allow simultaneous defense and counterattack.


Krav Maga teaches first how to defend yourself and get away from an attacker, rather than an art form. The movements of civilian Krav Maga, rather than the ones taught in the army, teach basic steps that anyone can figure out and conduct no matter strength or size.


Lastly, Krav Maga is a workout like no other! The movements, punches, and kicks will keep you constantly moving, improving endurance, strength, and speed. This will not only train you for any altercation you may get into but will also improve your athletic prowess and will make an excellent addition to your workout routine.