Let Your Body Detox This Sober September

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Fall is on its way, and with it comes Sober September. Never heard of the concept? It is similar to Dry January where people are encouraged to give up alcohol for a month. Both follow periods where we may have gone a little heavy on the liquor, with its time to re-focus on our body’s well-being. 

Healthy Evaluation

The trend encourages us to evaluate our personal relationship with alcohol. Are we totally fine without it? Does its absence make us feel a bit strange? You may find that you don’t miss alcohol—or the hangover it brings—at all. Bear in mind that alcohol can be a depressant. Take time to notice how many of your activities involved drinking and whether it just felt part of a social norm and if your relationships change.

A Welcome Detox

Look at the month like a reset. After a boozy summer, it’s not such a bad idea to give your liver a break! Chances are you’ll feel more energized and less sluggish without the alcohol, and the detox can also improve the quality of your skin and sleep.

Engage in Other Activities

If alcohol is a method for you to de-stress, look for alternative ways that you can relieve tension, especially after a long day. Go for a walk, hit the gym, read a book, or work on a project you’ve been meaning to get to. Doing Sober September with friends and family can also offer a great support system.