Lilly Sabri is Taking YouTube by Storm With Her Epic Hourglass Workouts

With over 3.7 million subscribers under her belt, Lilly Sabri is one of YouTube’s leading fitness influencers, and all of her workout videos are worth waiting for. That especially happens to be the case with her hourglass workouts and here are some of her very best.

8-Minute Home Workout

Hourglass workouts are one of the staples of Sabri’s YouTube channel and this one alone attracted over two million views because it helps you get rid of belly fat by working out for just eight minutes a day.

Hourglass Hips Workout

Most of Sabri’s hourglass workouts consist of abs exercises, but this one shifts the focus to the hips instead. It is just ten-minute long and it features many exercises that can help you get rid of hip dips.

15-Minute Workout

If you don’t feel like doing separate workouts that target your waist and hips, you’ll find all the exercises that you need in this one. This 15-minute workout targets several muscle groups at once, helping you achieve curvier hips and a tiny waist.

30-Minute Hourglass Figure Pilates

Pilates can also help you tone your body and achieve the hourglass figure and this 30-minute workout will show you how to get it done.