Lizzo’s Version of Baked Feta Pasta is Vegan and High in Protein

Lizzo is a superstar whose TikToks get a lot of attention and this time she shared her own version of a dish that went famous on this social network recently, baked feta pasta. The singer’s version is actually vegan and high in protein and you can easily recreate it at home.

Lizzo has been following a vegan diet for a while now, in addition to some other lifestyle changes. She often shares bits of her lifestyle with 400 million TikTok followers and many of them include her eating or exercising. “I FINALLY made *the* pasta,” she wrote back in February along with the video that shows all the ingredients she used. Besides cherry tomatoes, we see that she used alternative goat cheese, some garlic, grape seed oil, and basil. She added honey and chili flakes before baking the dish and finished everything with gluten-free chickpea penne pasta high in protein.

Anyone who prefers plant-based meals has to try her recipe, but feel free to make your own modifications and make it your own. The fact that this famous comfort dish can be made to be super healthy is amazing and shows that it doesn’t take much to do something good for yourself.


I FINALLY made *the* 💫pasta💫

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