Looking For a Fun New Workout? Here’s Why You Should Try Spin

Spin Class
Image by Mary Bettini Blank from Pixabay

If you find yourself needing to diversify your workout routine or are simply looking for a fun workout to try, then perhaps spin, or also known as indoor cycling, is for you. Keep reading for a list of the excellent benefits of spin and why you should incorporate it into your routine.

Cardio Made Fun

In addition to a plethora of other benefits, one of the most beneficial aspects of spin is that it’s a great for improving heart and cardiovascular health in a fun and quick way. Compared to running, this workout is also less-impact and better on your joints. One 45 minute class also has the power to torch up to 400 calories!

Leg-Building Exercise

Spinning also essential toward leg-muscle building, focusing on quads, glutes and hamstrings, for a quick and intense burn. Next time you hit the gym, skip the squats and get on the bike for the ultimate booty burn.


Group exercise can be more motivating as well. Group fitness and instructors have the power to energize the room and many gyms, like Soul Cycle, have themed rides to get you extra excited to clip in! Grab some friends and go to a Taylor Themed ride so you can sing and sweat!

Short and Sweet

Lastly, spin is perfect when you’re short on time and just need to get your workout in your busy schedule. Most classes are between 30 minutes to an hour and will torch enough calories to get you in and out in no time.