Michael B. Jordan’s Workout Routine is Intense and Incredibly Versatile

Michael B. Jordan at the
Michael B. Jordan at the "Just Mercy" premiere in 2019. Photo by Christopher Polk/Variety/Shutterstock (10403250aj)

Michael B. Jordan’s filmography includes a series of physically demanding projects and he’s fully committed to always staying in great shape. The star of Black Panther and Creed recently discussed his fitness routine with Men’s Health and revealed how versatile it is.

As we expected, Jordan’s gym sessions include a lot of strength training exercises. His dumbbell circuit consists of ten rounds of dumbbell curls, push press, and bent-over rows, but he also enjoys performing ball slams and battle rope movements.

The 34-year-old actor tends to end his gym sessions with meditation to keep his mind focused. He’s also a huge fan of swimming and he usually does laps in the pool first thing in the morning because it’s a full-body workout that helps him stay calm.

“Especially with me, with all these injuries over the years, being in the water really just keeps my joints comfortable, it takes the pressure off some of my injuries using the water resistance,” Jordan told Men’s Health.

The actor’s training days may sound intense to fitness newbies, but most of his recent projects required great physical shape. That was the case with his career-defining movies Black Panther and Creed and he’s taken a similar approach to fitness for the upcoming action thriller Without Remorse.