Motivate Yourself To Run, Even When You Don’t Want To

Running is one of the best full-body exercises you can do, but finding the motivation to actually go for a run is challenging. By changing a few things up, you can make it easier to go for a run. Here are five ways to motivate yourself to run.

Do It For Instagram

Sometimes the only thing that will motivate you to run is for the social recognition. Run to a beautiful park and take pictures while you are there to post of your feed.

Get New Running Shoes

Who wouldn’t want to run while rocking a new pair of colorful running shoes? You have to break them in some time, so why not start now?

Plan a Pit Stop

Prior to your run, think of a place to stop along your course. Stop for a coffee or snack at a cafe or restaurant to fuel up for the rest of your run.

Compete With Friends or Yourself

Use a running app and challenge yourself or friends. Your competitive side doesn’t want to lose a challenge.

Get a Running Buddy

Running with a friend will help keep you accountable and it’s more fun.