Need More Protein? Here are 5 Cheap Sources

Protein is a crucial nutrient that our bodies need to grow and repair, but you don’t have to buy expensive cuts of meat or protein shakes to get enough protein. Here are five cheap and simple sources of protein that you can start eating today.

Sunflower Seeds

Just one ounce of sunflower seeds contains six grams of vegan-friendly protein, as well as Vitamin E and magnesium. Costing only around $2 per pound, this is a cost-effective way to get protein in your diet.

Black Beans

Costing only about $1 for 15 ounces, black beans are packed full of protein and fiber. Add them to a chili or a salad and get a massive protein boost.

Peanut Butter

Rich in protein and costing only around $2.50 per 16 ounces, peanut butter is a cheap and effective way to slip protein into your diet.


Along with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, eggs are full of protein. Costing only between $2-$4 per dozen, eating eggs daily will ensure strong amounts of protein.

Plain Greek Yogurt

Oddly enough, yogurt is an excellent source of protein. Greek yogurt is a versatile option that can be eaten plain, whipped up into a tasty dip, or sweetened with honey and lemon.