New to Cycling? Here’s What You Should Know

With gyms closed and many people afraid to take public transportation due to the pandemic, people are turning to cycling for exercise and as a way to get around. Cycling is a great way to keep active while exploring new places and social distancing. If you’re new to cycling, here are some things to keep in mind.

Lock it Up

Whatever you do, don’t leave your bike outside without locking it up and try and get in insured. You don’t want the possibility of it getting stolen.


It’s vital to wear a helmet while cycling and not all helmets will be the right size and fit. Make sure you get one that can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.


Don’t be afraid to ask a friend who cycles what routes they like and what parks to see. There are so many backstreets you can take which will also give you amazing views.


Choose a bike that’s light and simple. Bike shops will try and sell you the latest model and greatest kit, but bikes haven’t changed much in the past 100 years.

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Find some quiet back roads away from the main roads and take it slow, before you head to congested streets.