New to Running? Here’s How to Build Endurance

Image via monkeybusiness/depositphotos

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to start running? Many new runners give up running before they even start because it’s hard. One thing for sure is that you shouldn’t expect to be able to run a 5K in your first go. It takes time to build endurance, but once you build it, your runs will be so much easier. Here’s how to build endurance and run longer and faster.

Run 2-3 Times a Week

While most people think they have to run every day to build endurance, if you’re looking to build your stamina you should run two to three times a day. Start with a run or walk to help your legs build strength and stamina. Also, run on non-consecutive days and mix non-running workouts throughout the day.

Mix Up Running Workouts

Mix up your runs by incorporating easy runs with both fast and short intervals in between, and running on hills throughout your week.

Incorporate Non-Running Workouts

Did you know that you can build endurance for running by not running? Cardio workouts like swimming, cycling, and yoga and strength training workouts should also be part of your training routine.

Push Yourself

Don’t go easy and don’t stop when it gets hard. You need to push yourself, but if you feel any soreness or pain, it’s best to stop running.