Problematic Bicep Workouts You Need to Avoid

Bicep exercise
Photo by Gordon Cowie on Unsplash

Because many arm workouts can become monotonous, you may start to search for alternative exercises in an effort to get an even larger bicep pump. Still, not every bicep workout you come across is helpful, while some can be dangerous or simply counterproductive. Here are some bicep workouts that you’ll do best to avoid.

Concentration Curl

This curl involves sitting on a bench and allowing your curling arm to rest on your knee. While this classic bodybuilder may seem as if it provides support, it’s easy to cheat at this exercise by using the leg to do some of the lifting. What’s more, if you’re not concentrating, your posture can slip quite easily. Fortunately, with some adjustments, you can make a concentration curl more effective, but this will require more concentration on your part, as the name suggests.

Cross Body Hammer Curl

In this exercise, the moment you lift the dumbbell toward your opposite shoulder, you take the focus away from the bicep you’re looking to condition. Rather stick to regular hammer curls where your elbow remains locked in place as this will enable you to focus more on the bicep you’re working on.

Wide Grip Barbell Curl

Because your arms are wide apart, the movement of your biceps becomes severely restricted. As a result, you won’t be able to get the pump at the top that you normally would from narrower grips, If barbell curls are a must in your workout program, then rather adopt a narrow grip.