Pros and Cons of Cotton Workout Clothes

Ask any gym rat what fabric you should avoid while working out, and they’ll probably say cotton. Despite its easy accessibility, training in 100% clothes isn’t recommended, and here are a few things you should keep in mind before buying gym attire made out of this material.

Cotton Clothes: Pros

Cotton is not all that bad since it’s a breathable material that won’t make you sweat a lot during the workout. It’s also extremely affordable and accessible, and it won’t give you trouble when it comes to maintaining it since it can be washed with the rest of your clothes.

Cotton Clothes: Cons

Unfortunately, the list of cotton’s downsides is much longer. If you feel heavy and wet during your exercise, that’s probably because your cotton clothes absorbed all the sweat.

Cotton clothes also tend to lose shape pretty quickly, so you’ll need to replace them much sooner than you were planning. Sweat-wicking synthetic fabrics are a much better option, but you can also wear cotton in combination with other materials if you can’t imagine living without it.