Rage Yoga is Everything You Can Expect and More

Rage and yoga are two words you usually don’t get to hear in the same sentence, but it turns out they’re a match made in heaven. Rage yoga is taking the world by storm, and it offers everyone willing to give it a try with a healthy outlet for their frustration.

Yoga is usually seen as a calming practice, and those restless at heart tend to avoid it at all costs. If you’re one of them, this new variation might change your mind, since it involves swearing, shouting – and even beer breaks!

Lindsay Istace was in charge of founding this movement, which has been embraced by other trainers around the world. According to her official website, rage yoga is “a practice involving stretching, positional exercises, and bad humor”, but it’s definitely not for everyone.

In an interview with Health, Istace described this variation at “a different approach to yoga for those who find their peaceful center in a different way.”

If you relate to this description and enjoy letting it all out during your workout, check out if there are any rage yoga classes in your town.