“Riverdale” Star Camila Mendes Details Her Fitness Routine

Camila Mendes at the Salvatore Ferragamo show in Milan in 2020
Camila Mendes at the Salvatore Ferragamo show in Milan in 2020. Photo by Riccardo Giordano/IPA/Shutterstock (10564419n)

Camila Mendes became a household name thanks to her role in Riverdale, but have you ever wondered how she stays in such a great shape? The young actress recently discussed her fitness routine with Shape and expressed her love for meditation and circuit training as well.

Mendes works out closely with celebrity trainer and physical therapist Andrea ‘LA’ Thoma Gustin, usually at her garage gym. Circuit training is an essential part of her workouts, but she also enjoys getting massages with Theragun because it helps her relax her muscles, especially her hamstrings.

Meditation is also a part of Mendes’ daily routine—even on the set of Riverdale, where she often meditates in her trailer using the Balance app. Staying consistent with her workouts while filming isn’t easy since she wants to prioritize sleep when she has an early call time, but Mendes tries to work out first thing in the morning whenever possible.

“I strive to be super consistent—as consistent as I can be. Whenever I have a day off, I will make a point to work out in the morning… On the days I can work out first thing in the morning, I definitely do. On normal days, I make a fun routine out of it,” the Riverdale star told Shape.