High Fashion Meets Activewear in Roksanda’s First Lululemon Line

The days when high-fashion designers shied away from teaming up with activewear brands are long gone, and the collaboration between Roksanda and Lululemon led to the creation of one of the most fashion-forward workout lines in recent memory.

The London based designer brought her signature feminine silhouettes and affinity towards color-blocking to the activewear space with this 16-piece collection. In addition to featuring several gym essentials, such as leggings and crop tops, this range comes with numerous items we don’t get to see so often – including the signature inner expanse infinity coat.

This collaboration may seem surprising to some, but it was a no brainer for Roksanda Ilincic, who’s constantly trying to “feel the pulse of time” and give the people what they want.

“We’re witnessing how the boundaries of fashion have blurred, and people are wearing their sports gear everywhere. It’s a wonderful direction fashion is headed. It’s fun to mix those unexpected colors and fabrics,” the designer told Vogue.

Roksanda’s first Lululemon collection launches on October 22nd and the second drop is coming our way in January next year.