Shy Girl Workouts Are The TikTok Trend That You Need in Your Life

From “12-3-30” treadmill workouts to “hot girl walk”, TikTok has given us many fitness trends over the years, some more worth trying than others. “Shy girl workouts” are the latest craze taking this social media platform by storm, and they might just be the best fitness trend to come out of TikTok so far.

If you’ve ever felt strange, awkward, or self-conscious at the gym because you’re at the beginning of your fitness journey and have a long way to go, “shy girl workouts” are just the thing you need. Their main goal is to help women feel comfortable at the gym instead of being scared and intimidated.

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It’s difficult to pinpoint the originator of this trend, but the list of TikTokers who put it on the map, includes the likes of Fitpie Fitness, Soph Allen, Kelsey O’Callaghan, Cali Fuller, and Stephanie Besna. Most of their videos feature exercises that are easy to replicate, while some include some other tips that will help you fight the anxiety, such as finding your own corner, listening to music, and drinking water or doing light stretches between the sets.

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The main point of these workouts is to encourage women to feel confident and take up space in the gym. They’ll help you master the basics and gain the courage to explore different machines and pieces of equipment as you go along.

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