Signs That Tell You You Need to Take a Break

Image via fizkes/depositphotos

Working out is amazing. It has so many physical and mental health benefits that there’s no excuse not to incorporate it into your daily life. However, taking breaks is just as important and many people tend to forget about it. If you’re not a person who schedules regular breaks, here are the signs your body tells you that you should listen to.

You’re Feeling Sore

Feeling soreness in your muscles after a workout is completely normal, but if it lasts longer than two days or if your whole body aches instead of only the muscles you worked out, it may be time to get some rest.

You Really Don’t Want To Exercise

It’s important to distinguish the situations where you’re just feeling lazy and those when you just don’t want to work out no matter what. Not wanting to exercise is one of the best signs you need a day off because exercise is just as challenging for your brain as it is for your body.

You Feel Sick

If you’re sick or injured, you have every right to skip your workout. In fact, doing the workout when you’re not feeling well can only do you harm. Whether you’ve caught a virus or injured your leg, take a day (or several days) off and get back to working out when you get better.